Your Daily Skincare Routine

You are what you eat!

You are what you eat and therefore this should be included in your daily skincare routine.  Here's what you should do every day to ensure your skin is clean, moisturised and supple and nothing like a routine to make it happen.  But it is important to remember that what we eat will show on and through our skin.  So first I just want to briefly mention one or two things to do during the day with regard to your food and liquid intake

Upon getting up in the morning and before your shower (if you're having one) squeeze the juice out of one or two oranges and half a lemon and drink it.  Don't take anything else for about 10/15 minutes

Drink lots of water throughout the day.  Eat fresh and unprocessed food throughout the day too.

In the evening about an hour before bed

What's your skincare routine?

Heartworks natural skincare routine

This is what your daily skincare routine should look like:- 

  • Take a soft cloth and some tepid water.  Dip the cloth into the tepid water and wash your face gently removing all make up and /or grime.   You can use some natural handmade soap here if you like but be sure to thoroughly remove the soap.
  • Take one of our facial oil cleansers and with a bit of cotton wool or indeed your finger tips, dab some oil onto your skin and with circular motions rub gently into the skin.  Leave on for 1/2 minutes before wiping off with that same soft cloth dipped in tepid water.  You can add some natural soap to this, if you like, but make sure to clean off thoroughly.  
  • Take one of our night face creams and with a little on your fingers and with circular movement rub gently into face.  Remember that a little goes a long way!
  • For the rest of the body, take one of our body butters and, not using too much on your finger tips, spread to those dry areas, such as elbows, knees, feets and/or hands

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