Yellow - Sunshine, Joy and Warmth

Yellow - Sunshine, Joy and Warmth

Yellow is one of the strongest colours or, should I say, the most notable colour.  We all love to see a bed of lesser celandine brilliantly shining in the spring sunshine.  It stands out and demands to be looked at.  Or, in autumn, when the leaves turn yellow and are still on their trees with the blue sky behind it, or scattered playfully on the ground, we leap for joy.  I'm sure you've been to some boggy area where the gorse has burst forth with its yellow flowers leaving you breathless.

gorse bush in april

There's nothing quite like a field of dandelions peeping up from the green grass under foot, or the forsythia bush when it comes into bloom auguring the arrival of spring.  Mellow Yellow!  Mellow doesn't quite ring true for this colour although it does calm the mind

dandelions in the grass

Properties of  the Colour Yellow

It has many healing properties if you allow it in and sometimes you nearly can't avoid allowing it to have an effect on your mood.  It demands attention.  It's the colour that birds and bees and other insects are most attracted to

 bee on a yellow flower

It's associated with the sun - power, heat, and in us can be manifested in terms of self worth, self esteem and empowerment.  

It's a cheerful colour - wearing it suggests that we're in a good place genuinely.  We can benefit by wearing, eating, looking at all things yellow.  It can lift one out of a depression.   It brings about hope, it gives clarity to the mind, it stabilises our moods and nurtures and leaves us with cheer.

It's a spiritual colour too, associated with many deities in the different religions: Buddhist monks wear yellow tunics and in Christianity and other religions the halo above any saint is yellow.  It is a colour of magic and magnificence.  It brings our spiritual self into being, it vibrates on a higher level. 

It is the colour of the solar plexus and when the solar plexus chakra is in balance, we are self confident, self motivated and have a sense of purpose.  It brings about balance to the digestive system too and all the organs in the area of the stomach.  

WEAR, EAT, DRINK, LOOK AT YELLOW.  You'll be all the better for it!

Calendula flowers, although they are commonly orange and also yellow and I always think of them as a bit of sunshine or some radiant heat.  They are, in fact, very healing flowers, notably for the skin.  A balm with calendula oil in it will definitely help you against sunburn or a burn from another source.  That is why I use it in our hand cream and our body butter.  Click on these links for more information.  Thank you for your time!

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