Why Wear Natural Fabrics?

Why Wear Natural Fabrics?

bamboo natural fabric

Natural fabrics win over synthetic fabrics hands down all the time.  But why? We all know at least two reasons why immediately; they're more breathable and more sustainable for the environment.  

More Breathable

Let's look at that!  Have you ever been wearing a polyester T shirt on a hot humid day?  It just seems to make you sweat even more and that sweat isn't going anywhere as the polyester, as well as other synthetic fabrics, is water-resistant.  So no absorption!  On the contrary, if you have a silk T shirt on or even a cotton one, you don't seem to perspire as much and the cotton soaks that perspiration right up and any odours.  They are also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too.

Natural Fabrics can be Hypoallergenic

Natural fabrics, such as linen, bamboo and cotton have hypoallergenic properties in them.  Your bamboo T shirt is less likely to grow mold on it than its synthetic cousin.  Also, these synthetic fabrics have been subject to lots of chemicals introduced to them in the preparation.  Do we know what chemicals go into their making? How harmful are they for our well being?

Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

All natural fabric clothes are biodegradable and are harmless in the decomposing stage, at the end of their lives, while synthetic fabric garments are toxic while decomposing and will take a lot longer, emitting green house gases.  All of these natural fabrics are coming from plants, trees or animals and are from a renewable source.  All natural fabrics are also coming in organic versions of themselves so you can chose to go organic, which is even better for the environment.  Most synthetic fibres are made from oil and are energy dependent in the making and emit toxic chemicals in the process.

Try using silk sheets sometime and see how good it feels (if you can afford it)!  Try a woollen sweater in the winter to keep you warm!  Try a bamboo pair of trousers and see how comfortable and breathable they are!  Wear silk underwear under your clothes to see how warm and toasty you remain even in the winter!  Go for organic cotton when choosing your next dress or shirt!  Your body and the environment will thank you!!!

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