Good question that!!  Why, indeed would we use a bar of shampoo?  Back in the day, people washed their hair with soap all the time. There were no fancy shampoo bottles and no second bottle with conditioner in it. They survived and what's more, their hair didn't suffer in any way. On the contrary, they had good healthy, clean hair that they could proud of.

shampoo in a bar

So, what has changed? Well, the onslaught of beauty products has brought about an amazing amount of products for your hair and body. The mind boggles there are so many products out there and one making a claim to be better than the other. But really, what do we need a shampoo to do? We need it first of all to clean our hair of dirt and grime and secondly, we need it to soften our hair and leave it smooth and shiny. Thirdly, we need a good shampoo to condition our hair and give back some of the much-needed oils that have been taken away from washing it. The aforementioned is basically what we need a shampoo to do. All this can be done with a shampoo bar just as easily as with bottles of shampoo. So why chose shampoo in bar form?

There are several reasons why we would choose a bar over a bottle. The main reason is that we need to reduce single-use plastic. We need to do this immediately. There is too much plastic being produced and don't let anyone fool you into thinking that if it's recycled it'll be ok. It still takes thousands of years for it to decompose and anyway It simply isn't being recycled. It's still going out on some boat or other to some faraway place to be recycled and gets dumped on the way into our oceans, That problem has not been solved yet. And until it is solved we should steer clear of any bottles in plastic.

A bar of shampoo from is the way to go. (This is the second reason why we should use shampoo in bar form). We put great oils into our shampoo bars:- golden jojoba, sweet almond, olive, coconut, shea butter, castor oil, apricot kernel, and avocado oil. All these oils serve to, clean, soften and condition your hair. If you leave it on for a few minutes to let those oils soak right in, your hair will thank you for it. So then, there's no need for a conditioner bar. Conditioner bars are the same as shampoo bars except they are relabeled, that's all! Another great reason to use shampoo bars is that they are of great value. A bar of shampoo could easily give you twenty to thirty washes if not more so dividing that into the cost of the bar makes each wash between 20 cents and 30 cents.

So between cost, efficacy, and quality of the bar of shampoo, it makes a lot of sense to make that switch. I was going to say "dump the plastic bottle" but really what I should be saying is "don't buy any more plastic bottles of shampoo" The "dumping" will be done for you and right into our beautiful seas. No just say no to plastic bottles of shampoo and you're onto a winner!

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