Why Trees Influenced The Names Of Our Natural Skincare Gift Sets

You might wonder why call natural skincare gift sets after trees?  And I say "Why not?"  They are both coming from nature; both a wonder of nature!  And they are all around us here at the gate lodge into Charleville Estate with one of the oldest Oak trees not 100 metres from our house.  It is called the "King Oak" , carbon dated to 1492, making it over 500 years olds, and it came 3rd place for European Tree of The Year 2013 in Charleville woods where Charleville Castle can be found.

"King Oak" gift set of natural skincare

Comprising of two natural handmade bars of soap, body butter, lip balm,  and face cream, most of the important parts of the body are taken care of by the King Oak gift set.  It has its companions too with the "Queen Oak" and the "Princess Oak"  I feel a debt of gratitude to that tree that lives just down from us and whose energy we are the beneficiaries of for the past 26 years.  It deserves to be the name of one of our most popular gift sets of natural skincare

"Linden Tree" gift set of natural skincare

linden tree gift set of natural skincare

When our 2nd son was born (home birth born here in Charleville Estate) a friend of ours, Anthony Garahy, who owns a local organic farm, Lough Boora Organic Farm, and has been supplying the town of Tullamore and its surrounds with organic veggies and meat for close on 30 years, gave us a gift of two trees: a sweet chestnut tree and a linden tree.  We planted both trees on the estate in front of the house.  23 years later, it is a grown tree.   In fact, if I were to put my head out the window right now, I would be able to smell the linden tree blooms.  People harvest these blooms in the summer and dry them to make teas throughout the year.  I have never done it but one of these years (maybe this year) I'll go out and pick some and dry them.  The smell is divine. Anyway, our Linden Tree gift set contains body butter, cream deodorant, lip balm, shampoo bar, and soap.

We also have gift sets called "Mountain Ash", "Blackthorn", and "Sycamore", all of which are to be seen in Charleville Forest.  Come to think of it, I don't believe there are any mountain ash trees here but we've plenty of ordinary ash.  I used to have a gift set called sweet chestnut.  I'm not quite sure what happened there.   Perhaps I'll have to invent another gift set to name it after that 2nd tree gifted to us back in 1999.  All of these trees mentioned above are so special to us having them all around us or close by.  The woods of Charleville have truly been an inspiration to us these past 27 years since we've lived on its fringes but long before that growing up in the midlands of Ireland, trees have always played an important part of our lives so it's no wonder we've called some of our gift sets of natural skincare after them

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