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Why Cleansing Your Skin Is Important


So why is cleansing your skin so important?  Well, with so much dirt flying around in the atmosphere our skin, via our pores, soaks all that grime right up and we really should do something to rid us of it at least once a day.  These clogged up pores can get infected and get engorged leaving large openings on you face. That's the simple answer.

And we should cleanse, while we're at it, twice.  Once with cleansing oils to mix up with residues of oils that might remain on your skin due to makeup or simple dirt and grime of the day.  Oils will carry away all these residues with them once you've rubbed them well into the skin and the pores.  The second cleansing should involve a nice warm soapy water and a soft cloth applied to the face and neck.  This will take the oils and the grime and the makeup away and down the sink.  Your skin will then feel clean and fresh and supple.  

Moisturise or not to moisturise?

At this stage, you can add a moisturiser but it may not be necessary either as our skin has to ability to moisurise itself via the sebum produced naturally but some people don't produce enough sebum.  Others produced too much. I'll leave the answer to the question: to moisturise or not to moisturise? up to you!!! Or for another blog!!!

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