Why Chose Natural Shaving Soap?

Indeed, why should you go for shaving soap instead of shaving cream? A natural shaving soap has many benefits for the skin without harmful substances in some shaving creams.

shaving soap

At Heartworks Skincare, our natural shaving soap comes in a tin which can be disposed of afterward in the recycling bin.  Or the tin can be used again, and you can request a further shaving soap without the tin from us, thus saving you money and the environment simultaneously.  

Shaving Soap Won't Dry Out Your Skin

Our shaving soap is made with lots of different good quality oils and essential oils; therefore, while shaving, you are giving back to the skin what washing is taking out.  You are leaving behind some valuable oils that might not be in some shaving creams which carry alcohol and therefore dry out the skin.  Try out our cedarwood & bergamot shaving soap!!

What's In Our Shaving Soap?

The ingredients in our shaving soap are coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, and sweet almond oil, golden jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, shea butter - all giving something valuable to the skin and helping moisturise it while creating a thick creamy lather to aid in the process of shaving. Shaving has never been as easy as with this shaving soap.  Just rub some of the soap onto your bearded area with your fingertips or with a shaving brush, feel the luxurious lather and smell the divine scent and shave away all that unwanted hair.  Rinse off and then feel how smooth and soft your skin feels!!  

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