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Why Caffeine is not Good for the Complexion

Why Caffeine is not Good for the Complexion

caffeine effects on the skin

Are you a coffee junky?  Or do you just enjoy the odd cup?  If yes is the answer to the first question then you do need to cut down.

Caffeine, as we know, is a stimulant but it also increases cortisol levels in the body.  While a certain amount of cortisol is good, too much is a bad thing.  

Besides sleeping difficulties, anxiety issues, and depression, problems such as these can arise:-

  • Thinning of the skin
  • It can really dry out your skin and cause inflamation which can lead to skin disorders such as psoriasis or acne
  • it can lead to an increase in oil production in our skin promoting breakouts. It can also interfere with wound healing, prevent the skin from repairing itself, and could potentially be associated with premature agingand poor complexion

Of course, it's not just caffeine that's the culprit.  A stressful job, or a stressful period in your life can result in high levels of cortisol in the body.  So the message here is IF YOU WANT YOUR SKIN LOOKING REALLY GREAT, RELAX, TAKE IT EASY, DON'T STRESS OUT AND LAY OFF TOO MUCH COFFEE.  How boring is that!!!

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