Where Heartworks Skincare gets their Inspiration

Inspired by Nature


Really and truly, that is where we get out inspiration; from nature.  Nature is our driving force and has been all our lives; long before we started with this natural skincare; long before we had children together and long before we even met each other.  Both of us have cared deeply for our environment, in our separate ways, since we could think for ourselves. 

I, Monica, can only talk for myself here now but Mauricio is not a million miles away from my path.  I have, for a very long time, had a deep understanding that nature provides everything for us.  We must work along with nature, respect it, and have faith in its infinite wisdom.  Nature will take care of us if we take care of it.  It's a two way system.  Since I was in my late teens, I've relished all that nature offers us: the food we eat, the water we drink, the remedies we can take for our various illnesses, the beauty all around us and so on and so forth.  But more importantly, I've been hyper aware of the abuse we hurl at nature, how we can ignore it, how we hurt and injure it,  and always to our own detriment.  

Now, I'm no angel.  A saint I am not.  I might fall off the wagon sometimes and drink too much.  Or I might do things on a regular basis that I know are no good for neither me nor my soul (such as watching too much netflix!!).  Sometimes I'm a vegetarian and sometimes I'm not.  I've been known to eat the odd bag of tayto crisps!  I used to smoke 20 cigs a day, I have abused my body in many ways.  I've fought with my family, my friends, my neighbours.  No I've not been a saint.   However, I try and I try and I keep on trying to live in harmony with nature, reminding myself on a regular basis to respect and honour it.

In general, diet is very important to us, Mauricio and I.  We try to maintain a balanced diet, mixing salads, microgreens, sprouts  and raw food with cooked dishes.  We buy mostly local food and it tends to be organic and/or free range.   A simple holistic way of life is paramount to our existence.  We spend endless hours in the garden, growing vegetables, tending our wild areas for the bees and birds, taking pride and enjoyment out of our daily simple lives. 


Charleville Woods

We surround ourselves with beautiful things like the woods of Charleville.  We take enjoyment out of pure simple pleasures of life, such as our children, their girl friends, our own friends, family, home and garden.

Our Vegtable Garden in May


Money is not our driving force although a little helps!!

Another realisation that came to me many moons ago is that nature encompasses a lot more than just the environment, the air that we breathe, the water we intake, the herbs and food at our disposal.  It also includes people and communities, our neighbours and friends. So, it therefore follows that to be "into nature" we must take care of each other, learn to live with each other in meaningful and harmonious ways.

And now back to the inspiration that drives Heartworks Skincare:  Like the way we live, which is quite simply, we believe that nature has given us all we need for our skin; the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, the water we drink, the herbs, essential oils and carrier oils that will nourish our skin.  First and foremost, skincare starts with what you put into your body.  Eat well and your skin will thank you.  Drink lots of water and it will love you.  Lavish it with lovely oils that have been infused with healing herbs and natural fragrances and your skin will adore you and adorn you.  It's that simple

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