What's Wrong with Mainstream Deodorants/Anti-Perspirants?

What's wrong with mainstream deodorants/anti-perspirants? It's a controversial and difficult question to answer. Have you got a new minutes?
I can give you 5 reasons why you should use only natural deodorant. Unless it's natural don't use it

Natural Deodorant and Underarm Health

5 Reasons For Using Natural Deodorant

  1. Well natural deodorant will not have aluminium in it.  This is responsible for blocking the sweat glands so the sweat doesn't come out.  This can bring about instability in the tissue of the breast in that area and may lead to breast cancer.  Natural deodorant allows you to sweat naturally and its natural ingredients will help keep the offensive odours away
  2. Most deodorants contain parabens, preservatives to keep the deodorant bacteria free but this parabens interfere with and regulate the estrogen levels naturally created by the body.  This, too, can lead to cancerous cells forming.  And to make matters worse, Triclosan, a chemical to kill off bacteria on the skin and to prevent bacteria growing in the product is sometimes added.  Natural deodorant doesn't contain either parabens or triclosan.
  3. In natural deodorants the fragrance will probably derive from natural sources.  Essential oils will be used and in the right quantity hopefully.  Artificial scents can cause all kinds of reactions and allergies and best avoided
  4. And what do they use to get the deodorant to stick.  In some cases they use phthalates (I can't even pronounce this word and a word that you can't pronounce is suspect!). This substance is quite dangerous as it has been known to cause reproductive problems in men and development problems with the foetus in pregnant women.  And all this so that the smell will linger.  But if you use natural deodorant with essential oils and a good quality cocoa butter and beeswax, you have all the sticking power you need and a lovely fresh smell to boot!
  5. Using a natural deodorant is also environmentally friendly.  It probably comes in a recyclable or compostable container.  All the ingredients used in the making are non-toxic to the environment and to your body.

Always read the label.  Make sure that there are no parabens, triclosan, artificial fragrances or aluminum.  Opt for packaging that is recyclable or compostable.  Make the switch for you and you environment today!





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