What Natural Handmade Irish Soap Is Best For Your Face?

The question is do we need to wash our face with soap.  Or is soap bad for your face?  Why use soap to clean your face?  I think the answer to all these questions is: it depends on the quality of the soap.  It should be a handmade natural soap; one that won't dry out your skin.  And what could be better than an Irish handmade natural soap?


Why Use Soap To Clean Your Face?

Besides using an oil cleanser or a face scrub how are you going to clean your skin and make sure there isn't a build-up in the pores of dirt, grime, and oil which can eventually lead to pimples and infected spots on your face?  There's nothing quite like a mild soap to clean out those pores leaving your face feeling smooth, soft, and clean.  

A harsh soap, one you buy in a supermarket, might not be the answer.  It will dry out your skin leaving it dry and lifeless and it will lack lustre.   These soaps can be full of artificial chemicals which do your skin no favours.  There's nothing quite like a bar of handmade, homemade, natural soap made from good oils, essential oils, and sodium hydroxide (which gets neutralised out of the bar after 5/6 weeks curing).  These bars get to keep the natural glycerin created during the saponification process.  This glycerin is what will keep our face nice and soft after washing with a bar of handmade natural soap.

Using Soap and water to clean your face

So to recap here on the reasons for using a natural handmade soap on your face:-

  • It won't dry out your skin.  In fact, the glycerin will give back the moisture taken out by washing as will those oils such as coconut or sweet almond oil
  • It will really get into the pores and clean them out.  Dirt is attracted to soap and soap runs away from water so this whole chemical reaction really means that your face gets really cleaned.  Here is the dirt attaching itself on to the soap molecules and then there's the soap running ahead of the water - down the sink!!!
  • In a lot of handmade soaps, botanicals might be added, such as clays, poppy seeds, or oatmeal, and these all serve to act as  gentle exfoliants

Natural handmade soap with gentle exfoliants


What Exfoliants Can Be Found in Natural Handmade Soap

Well, in our natural handmade soaps we have a variety of natural additives that are gently exfoliants.  They are as follows:-

Poppy seeds.  These can be found in our lemongrass soap and our eucalyptus & rosemary soap

Oatmeal.  As is found in our ylang ylang with honey & oatmeal soap

Pink Clay.  Our patchouli and palma rosa soap has this one

Peat.  Yes, good old-fashioned peat from the bog is used in our citronella and pine soap.


We also use additives such as aloe vera, honey, cornmeal, seaweed and spices.  Besides adding a nice natural colour to the soap, they also have healing properties. 

So next time you are thinking about using a soap to wash your face, make sure it's natural handmade soap


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