What Makes Rosemary Essential Oil Good For Memory Loss


Is rosemary essential oil really good for memory loss?  Well its reputation of improving memory has been around a long time and it is widely known that it enhances thought processes and brings about mental clarity.  It is a major stimulant for the brain and  the whole nervous system.

It has been recommended for students who are studying for some major exam or other and need their brains working at full capacity.  Or for someone about to go into an interview, say for an important job, and who need to remember all the facts they need to say during this interview.

A Word of Caution About Rosemary Essential Oil

While it is a very powerful stimulant for the brain and nervous system, taking too much can cause fits such as epileptic. It has fierce penetrating qualities about it and a little goes a long way. All that is needed is a few drops.  Probably the best way to use it is in a diffuser or essential oil burner. 

Other Uses Of Rosemary Essential Oil

  • It has strong antiseptic benefits.  It was burned in hospitals in the middle ages to fumigate.  It can be used against the putrefaction in meat.  I heard tell that it was used in the olden days when there were no fridges, to keep meat from rotting.
  • It can be used for coughs and many respiratory conditions.
  • It can help to lower cholesterol levels in your blood.
  • It is said to be a tonic for the heart, liver and gallbladder
  • Rosemary has been found in old Egyptian tombs and in olden days people used it to burn on their shrines so it has a holy side to it.  It was even used to ward off the devil back in the day!
  • Up to the present day, people with dark hair sometimes make a rinse of rosemary.  It seems to enhance dark hair just like chamomile enhances blond hair. We have a shampoo bar with rosemary and nettle

rosemary and nettle shampoo bar

rosemary and eucalyptus natural soap


Use of Rosemary in the Kitchen

Rosemary on a try full of potatoes and roasted in the oven is something that makes my mouth water.  It is a wonderful herb to use in any kitchen and it dries very well for storage.  It grows super well in Ireland even though its a coastal Mediterranean plant.  No garden or kitchen should be without it.




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