What Is The Purpose of Beeswax In Lip Balm?

Are you suffering from chapped lips or dry lips no matter what the weather is like?:  In summer with too much sun? In winter with the cold and bitter winds?  Do you want to know if beeswax can help in your lip balm?  Are you finding your chapstick no longer is effective?  If so, read on!

beeswax in lip balm
The skin on your lips is quite thin and delicate and this is why people have so many problems with their lips; problems such as dry lips, or flaky lips.  They break out in cold sores when they get too much sun or their lips get chapped when the weather turns cold and nasty. 

Where does beeswax come from?

beeswax from the honey comb

It comes from the beehives, made and secreted by the worker bees to form the walls or comb of their nesting area.  It's no wonder that it is a super wax, far better than many other waxes and definitely safer to use than say paraffin wax.  Bees know best.  They wouldn't give so much importance to the wax if it were not a safe, excellent and protective substance

The Benefits of Beeswax For The Lips

  • Having beeswax in a  lip balm can really protect the skin there from the cold wind and rain or the sweltering heat and sun.  It creates a sort of barrier between the elements and the skin on the lips. 
  • It is also anti-viral and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and may discourage herpes simplex or bacterial infections from forming on the lips.
  • It helps retain moisture so the lips don't dry out and get chapped and flaky
  • It smells lovely and doesn't feel like something that shouldn't be going near the mouth at all

We've captured a lovely product in our beeswax lip balm.  Not only does it have the benefits of beeswax but also contains a high percentage of coconut oil and shea butter.  What you get is a product for your lips that moisturises, protects, and keeps the lips in good order all day long.  Try it!!!

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