What Is The Best Natural Face Treatment

The face needs only a few treatments.  It does, though, depend on how much money you are prepared to spend on your treatment.  Do you want to get some of these treatments that can only be done by a specialist or professional, such as micro-needling or LED, and cost an arm and a leg!?  That's completely up to you.  These treatments are very effective.  Do you want to be more independent and undergo simple treatments yourself? Today, I'm talking about simple but effective treatments that can be done on a daily/weekly basis and with not much cost to one, except for the products needed to set them in motion. 

Daily Facial Treatments

The treatments in question to be undergone on a daily basis, preferably in the evening are the following:-

  1. Wash the face with mild face soap and rinse off with warm water.  At Heartworks, we have the kindest, gentlest  handmade natural soaps that won't go hard on your face
  2. Apply a facial oil cleanser, massaging gently into the face with the tip of your fingertips.  Leave for a few minutes and then with a soft warmish cloth rinse off.  All our facial oil cleansers are made with organic oils of castor, golden jojoba, and sunflower and with 8 varieties to choose from
  3. Skin feeling nice and soft, apply a night face cream (not too much as a little goes a long way), again with fingertips and a gentle massage. Leave this on overnight.  Our night face creams are for all skin types and carry wonderful oils that will replenish your skin, leaving it moisturised, soft and hydrated

Weekly Facial Treatments

Once or twice a week, preferably in the evening,  you should give some extra attention to the skin on your face.  And these treatments are few, as follows:-

  1. Use a good quality face mask (recipe below).  After 5 minutes rinse off
  2. Apply a night face cream using only a little.  Let it soak in overnight.  Use a towel on your pillow if you must.

Remember, and this is very important, to eat well, drink lots of water, drink less alcohol, include lots of fresh fruit and veggies in your diet, quit smoking, and don't stress out!!!  I cant' stress enough the important of what you eat.  We are what we eat and this applies to our skin!!!

Recipe for Face Mask

Avocado Face Mask Ingredients:

2 Tbls of Bentonite Clay

35 ml of avocado oil

2 drops of chamomile essential oil

3 drops of lavender essential oil

1 drop of lemon essential oil

1 drop of rose essential oil

emough water to make a paste

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