What is better, Face Wash or Cleanser?

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When it comes to skin care, there are a lot of different products available on the market. One of the most common questions people have is whether they should use a face wash or a cleanser. While both products can be beneficial for your skin, there are some differences between them that can help you decide which one is best for you.

Understanding the Difference Between Face Wash and Cleanser

The main difference between face wash and cleanser is the type of ingredients they contain. Face washes typically contain surfactants, which are cleansing agents that help remove dirt and oil from your skin. Cleansers, on the other hand, usually contain emollients that help to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Another difference between face wash and cleanser is how they are used. Face washes are typically used as part of a daily cleansing routine while cleansers are usually used as part of a weekly deep-cleaning routine. This means that if you want to keep your skin looking its best, you should use both products in conjunction with each other.


Benefits of Using Face Wash

Face washes can be beneficial for those with oily or acne-prone skin because they help remove excess oil from the surface of your skin. They also help to unclog pores and remove dirt and debris from your face, which can help reduce breakouts. Additionally, many face washes contain ingredients such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that can help reduce inflammation caused by acne.  I will suggest here now that if you are using a face wash, why not use a natural soap and rinse off thoroughly after?  Natural soap is much milder for your skin than some of those cheap alternatives that very often don't even have soap in them.  Try some of our natural handmade soaps.  You can also leave this part of your daily facial cleansing out and simply skip ahead to the facial oil cleanser


Benefits of Using Cleanser

Cleansers are great for those with dry or sensitive skin because they provide hydration without stripping natural oils from the surface of your skin like some face washes can do. Additionally, many cleansers contain antioxidants such as vitamin C or green tea extract that can help protect your skin from environmental damage caused by free radicals. Furthermore, using a cleanser once a week helps to deeply cleanse your pores and remove any buildup of dirt and debris that may be causing breakouts or clogging pores.  Our facial oil cleansers come in 8 varieties.  For people with very oily skin you might try the facial oil cleanser with lemon and lemongrass or for those with dry skin, why not try out our lavender and frankincense, which is great for dry mature skin

Which Product Should You Choose?

Ultimately, it depends on what type of skin you have and what kind of results you want to achieve with your skincare routine. If you have oily or acne-prone skin then using a face wash every day will likely give you better results than just using a cleanser once a week. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin then using both products in conjunction with each other will give you the best results since it will provide both deep cleansing and hydration benefits for your complexion.  

If you use foundation make-up daily then it might be a better idea to use face wash first and then a facial oil cleanser to finish it off.  Or else apply facial oil cleanser twice, once to remove dirt and second time to really give your face a deep cleansing.  It's up to you!!!

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