What is Beard Balm For?


Beard balm with natural scented essential oils

Why use a beard balm?  What does beard balm do for your beard?  Do you need beard balm?  What did men do before all these new-fangled products, such as beard balm, came on the market?  What did men with beards do before beard oil or beard balm became a popular beauty product for men?  What is a beard balm for?  I get asked these questions all the time.  Some men already understand what a beard balm is for and they only ask me a question about the scent used, the naturalness of the ingredients, or what exactly is in the beard balm.  The modern man is a bit more discerning nowadays and looks after himself just like women look after themselves and their skin and hair.

I suppose there is a bit of confusion out there about the difference between beard balm and beard oil.  What exactly is the difference?  The difference is that beard balm has butters in it and hard oils, as well as wax, making a stiff-like substance and the other, has oils only, making it a runny substance. 

In our case, the wax is beeswax and the scent is from essential oils.  All the other ingredients are sourced locally, are completely natural, have no animal cruelty in the making, and no animal products are used in its making either.  It is a completely natural product and will do only good to your beard

3 Reasons to Use Our Beard Balm

  • It smells divine, whether you like the exotic and almost feminine scent of ylang ylang, the fresh smell of lemon and lemongrass, or the tantalising sweetish smell of our sweet minty with its sweet orange, peppermint, and vanilla essential oils.  Your friends and partners will receive the benefit of the fragrances used too by being in you presence
  • It conditions the beard, softening the hairs and taming them down.  And it will also moisturise the hair and skin underneath.  Some beard owners also shave and this balm can be used as an aftershave to keep skin from drying out due to harsh shaving creams
  • It helps to put shape on a beard that has a mind of its own.  The beeswax in it offers a shaping power as does the cocoa butter, shea butter,  and coconut oil.  For those with longer beards, it is almost necessary to use a balm to keep them in shape.  Otherwise they have a mind of their own and do exactly the opposite to what you want them to do!  Isn't it true?


Natural Ingredients In Our Beard Balm

Our beard balm contains cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and beeswax.  The cocoa butter will help keep the skin moisturised and the beard hair soft.  The coconut oil will do the same as will the shea butter.  The sweet almond oil keeps the hairs softened and not bristly and so too does the apricot kernel oil.   There are 3 varieties;- 1. sweet minty with sweet orange, peppermint, and vanilla essential oils (this is my favourite), 2. ylang ylang, and 3. lemony with lemon and lemongrass essential oils.  Sound Good?  Nothing but pure and honest and natural goodness.  Look after your beard and it will do you proud!!!

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