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Vitamin & Mineral Supplements to Boost Your Complexion

Supplements to Boost Your Complexion

vitamin and mineral supplements

All vitamins and minerals are important for your skin and we need to take supplements sometimes in order to get these in adequate quantity.  But it is really important that you also eat a balanced diet and get as many vitamins and minerals through the food you eat.  Of course, the fresher the food the better.  The less processed the food the better. Stay away from too much sugar, salt and food with "empty calories"

You should always look for good quality supplements .  Look out for the bulking agents, the coating, the binding agents used in them.  What is the rate at which the nurtients will be absorbed by the body?  In general, the supplements on the supermarket shelves are not the ones you should be taking.  Best go into a health shop and talk to the shop assistant there.  Also researching your supplements is a very good idea, keeping in mind some vital question to ask such as topics afore mentioned

The top supplements that you might consider are 

  1. Omegas 
  2. Vitamins A and C 
  3. Collagen . 
  4. Probiotics for gut health also, as well as
  5. Digestive enzymes to help with digesting the food properly and getting the nutrition out of it. 



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