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Treatments for Anti-Ageing

Facial Massage - Anti-ageing treatment

They say that after the age of 25 you might want to think about an anti-ageing treatment.  Mind you I never did.  It's only recently that I've started looking at how my skin is; how it's lacking in collagen or how the skin is sagging , how dull the tone or texture is.  For me though the following treatments, however good they are, are not my priority.  I believe a gentle massage every morning with some nice carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond oil and using upward strokes and taking care around the eyes is enough for anyone.  What you're doing when you gently massage the skin on the face is bringing the blood close to the surface and it, in turn, brings oxygen there, improving the circulation and makes your skin look youthful and fresh.


  • LED treatment can help stimulate the fibroblast cell which makes up a large part of the connective tissue and creates collagen, thus improving the tone of the skin
  • Microneedling triggers collagen
  • Electrical muscle stimulation helps with the muscles n the skin
  • Ultherapy boosts collagen and reduces the appearance of sagging skin.

All these four therapies above are probably very expensive, and, as I have said before, there's nothing quite like a self facial massage and it doesn't cost a penny!  You could invest in a stone roller and massage your face that way.  They can't be too expensive and are very effective.  Or you can always go to a local massage therapist.  They usually are very good at their job and always give that extra special touch.

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