The Healing Power of Plants

The Healing Power of Plants

The healing power of plants (peppermint)

We, humans, have been using medicinal plants for many a year.  Some of the more common, well known and widely used ones are explored here:-

Nettle.  Nettle leaves are used for their iron and vitamin rich content either in infusions or rubbed into the skin.  It is mildly diuretic, which means, it helps eliminate water retention.  Rubbed into the skin via a balm, it is good for arthritic areas or insect bites or sore areas in the body.  (It's also great for the hair as it adds iron to the hair giving it life and energy)

Eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus in antiseptic and is good for chesty infections and coughs and colds.  (It was one of our many essential oils in our medicine chest when our kids were growing up)

Ginger, a powerful stimulant for the blood circulation.  It helps with menstrual cramps too.

Peppermint.  Peppermint can be used for digestive problems or to refresh or cool the skin and tissue, so it's good for rashes and inflamed areas on the skin.

Echinacea, as we all know, is good for the immune systems to fight off infections and disease.

Garlic.  Oh my favourite medicinal food.  I have great faith in garlic.  It is antiseptic and antibiotic and is respiratory disinfectant

Yarrow.  Yarrow is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent.  It is useful for healing wounds and as a tea to help reduce fever. (When our children were babies, we always had to hand a cream with calendula and yarrow for nappy rashes and it was fantastic).


I have plenty more to talk about but it will have to wait until my next blog, coming soon. 

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