The Healing Power of Lavender

The Healing Power of Lavender

Healing Power of Lavender

I just love lavender.  I love its smell, how it looks in the garden, what it does to my mood, the happy place it brings me to just smelling it, its cleaning ability, its sheer healing power - just everything about it.

The Origins of Lavender

It comes from the Mediterranean and grows all over Europe.  It is most happiest around the Mediterranean at altitudes  of between 700 and 1,400 metres.  But, as we all know here in Ireland, it fairly much thrives here too despite the lack of sun and heat.  

The Healing Properties of Lavender

Analgesic, antiseptic and antibiotic, it is useful in the treatment of colds, coughs, flue symptoms and sinus problems.  Most effective is steam inhalations using the essential oil of lavender in water as hot as you can bare.  It is also anti viral. (I wonder could it be used against Corona virus???).

It is also a relaxant and sedative and a few drops on you pillow at night can help you get a good night's sleep.  Massaged into the temples (a few drops in a spoonful of oil) can really relieve headaches of all sorts.  It can also be massaged into sore and tired muscles.  Who here hasn't had a lavender bath?  There's nothing quite like it for making you feel on top of the world and completely relaxed.

It can help with menstrual pain by gently rubbing a solution of it on the lower abdomen.  And it can be very effective during labour as it strengthens contractions as well as relieving pain.  This can be done by applying a few drops in oil to the lower back.

It is also great for children or infants who are irritable.  A few drops in oil and then in their bath could fairly help their contrariness.

It is definitely my favourite essential oil for the skin.  I love to pile on oil with the scent of lavender on my face.  It both makes me feel good, helping my mood, and my skin soaks it up and is all the better for it.  I, in fact, use it all over.  I feel that keeps ticks and mosquitos and midges away (I might not be right in saying this though). It has healing properties for minor burns.  It helps heal wounds, it keeps the skin looking young and fresh and it is anti-inflammatory.  It is invaluable in the treatment of acne as it stimulates the growth of new and healthy cells.  It soothes the skin and helps balance the production of sebum.

I use it, along with a few other essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus and rosemary to clean the toilet bowl.  It has amazing anti-septic properties and if stung or bitten a little drop neat on the affected area won't do you any harm and will stop any infection.

Lavender on a Pedastal

I can't say enough about this aromatic flower and its properties.  I haven't done it justice above in those words.  But I hope my passion for it comes through, nonetheless.  It has been in my medicine chest for the past 40 years and I am never without it.  I come in contact with it every day and it has been my friend and ally all these years.  It gave me peace of mind, when my kids were small and vulnerable, just knowing that it was there to help in some dilemma or other.  Lavender - you're my hero!!!


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