The grasses of Mid Summer

What is it about this time of year; late June, when all the grasses are at their peak in terms of height and colour.  Those grasses just make you want to grasp the flowering part and pull off the seeds off.  It's like they were designed to lure you to do so so that they can multiply.  I remember, as a child, pulling off the seeds or flowering part and accumulating a good handful of the seeds and then scattering them.  I felt compelled to do so.  Nature is fascinating the way it entices us to do chores for it and so ensuring the continuity of the species.

grasses in mid summer

Today, as I was walking along the canal, I was in awe of the colours of the tall grasses swaying in the wind.  Unfortunately, I'm no photographer and don't have the best of cameras on my phone so this image will have to do.  The grasses along with the poppies, daisies, buttercups, meadow vetchling, marsh valeriana and cow parsnip (to mention but a few) were so stunning I felt I was in 7th Heaven.

And the orchids are coming out too

orchids of mid summer along the canal

The canal is awash with wild flowers in the summer; those mentioned already and also willowbay herb, yellow irises, horsetail and purple vetch and lets not forget the thistles, nettles, sorrel and dock leaves.

It makes you think how god it is to be alive!!!  And there's more to come too.  Summer has only gotten here and there's another 2 months of growth and new wild flowers to come.  I can't wait!!!


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