The Goodness of Garlic

The goodness of garlic is well known in most cultures for its antiseptic, decongestant and detoxifying properties.  Unfortunately, It's also known for its unsavoury smell on the breath.  Nowadays, one can take odourless garlic capsules, which are very effective

Garlic in Folklore Medicine

In Transylvanian, garlic was supposed to ward off vampires.  They couldn't stand the sight or smell of it.  Nailing slices of garlic to one's door or in one's shoe or hanging a clove around one's neck were all to keep away the evil eye.  But in truth garlic truly is an amazing healing tool.

the goodness of garlic

Garlic to Cure Warts  

You're hearing it from the horse's mouth here.  Once I had a wart on my little finger.  I put slices of garlic on the wart for about 5 nights with a plaster around it to keep it in place.  After the 5 days it was gone, vanished into thin air.  I was very impressed!

Garlic as an Effective Decongestant and Antiseptic

It is very effective in the treating of catarrh, sinusitis and bronchitis.  Taking one or two capsules daily can keep winter colds away.  Its antiseptic, detoxifying and bactericidal properties are invaluable in the treating of acne.  Ideally to put garlic on topically would be the most effective but that ain't gonna happen, especially with young ones so the capsule option is second best.  

Other Uses For Garlic

It wards off infestations of intestinal worms and is effective against certain other parasites.  It is a great treatment for gastro-intestival infections.  A good idea would be to take a course of garlic capsules a month before travelling to some of these "Delhi-belly" places, where you're bound to have stomach upset.

Garlic can be and should be used as a natural antibiotic.  It has the added benefit of not destroying the beneficial flora of the intestine as synthetic antibiotics do.  Apparently it is a very effective treatment for E-coli as well as scabies

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