The Countless Benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil

The Countless Benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil

face cream with rosehip seed oil

There are countless benefits to be had from rose hip seed oil.  The oil is taken from the rose hip seeds, those tiny little seeds that you find when you open a rose hip, not from soaking the whole rose hip in oil and heating up to extract the good from it.  No, it comes from the seeds which are pressed and oils extracted from them.  Sounds like a lot of work and that probably explains why rose hip seed oil is so expensive.  But the benefits are huge:-

  1. Moisturising - helps to lock in moisture in the skin
  2. Hydrating - Rosehip oil contains a wealth of essential fatty acids, including linoleic and linolenic acid and these help to retain water
  3. Rich in vitamin a (retinol) and vitamin c It can brighten up the skin, leaving it looking young and supple as there is a good turnover and regeneration of cells which is also good for fine lines and wrinkle reducing
  4. Helps boost collagen formation which is vital for elasticity and firmness.
  5. It might help with inflamation and sowould be good for rosacea, ezcema or psoriasis
  6. It contains anti-oxidants to help fight off damage from free radicals

We have two face creams that contain rose hip oil.  The only difference between them is the actual essential oils used for scent.  A scant application of these creams every day along with a good massage should do your face the world of good!


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