The Best Shave Ever

Looking for the best shave ever?  Shaving with a brush and soap and a razor blade really is quite simple nowadays and really is the best. Make sure your blade is fresh and sharp.

Method Of Shaving With A Razor

shaving with brush and razor

First you get a bar of shaving soap.   This can either come in its own container or you can put it on a soap dish.  Shaving cream can also do but I personally think that soap is milder and gentler on the skin

Then you take your brush and wet it a little and then dab it into the soap until you've gathered up enough soap to do the next part

With brush in hand rub the brush onto the area you want to shave.  This probably will be the face, cheeks, neck and jaw.  Make sure you're managed to get a good creamy lather going.  Smother the area with the creamy suds.

Now take your razor and holding it firmly but gently working with the hair rather than against.  This is to avoid cuts, irritations and razor bumps.  Each time you take a stroke downwards (with the hair) rinse the razor off and go again.

Finally rinse in lots of warm water.

If you like you can use an aftershave balm.  You can also use our beard balm which doubles up as an aftershave balm.

At Heartworks, we have just the gift to give your partner or friend this Xmas.  A Shaving Gift Set with brush, razor, razor blades, shaving soap, regular body soap and lip balm.   We make the shaving soap, the regular body soap and the lip balms ourselves.  The rest, razor and blades and brush, we buy in.  

shaving gift set

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