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The Benefits of Ylang Ylang for your Mood

The Benefits of Ylang Ylang for your mood

Studies have shown that ylang ylang essential oil can have a beneficial effect on your mood and self esteem.  It can help lower blood pressure and can calm the mind and body.  It can keep depression at bay and can alleviate anxiety.

natural handmade soap ylang ylang with honey and oatmeal

We have ylang ylang in many of our products, such as ylang ylang handmade soap, ylang ylang body butter and we add ylang ylang to some of our face creams

We even have ylang ylang essential oil in one of our cream deodorants and beard balm.  That's how much we admire this beautfiully scented essential oil.  It's a sort of sweet exotic scent

natural cream deodorant ylang ylang & grapefruit

It is also known to be anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti inflamatory

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