The Benefits of Using Beard Balm

4 Benefits of Using Beard Balm

People, men especially, ask me all the time what the benefits of beard balm are.  As I don't use it myself I can only rely on feedback from my customers.  I also, I must say, did extensive research into the needs of a beard when I was formulating the beard balm.  Of course, my emphasis was on the natural element of it, that it would be paraben free and free from nasty chemicals and fragrances and would only have oils and essential oils and extras that would benefit the beard and not hinder it.  So back to the benefits of using a beard balm!:-

  • Because our beard balm has essential oils in there, namely 1. ylang ylang 2. lemon and lemongrass and 3. peppermint, vanilla, and sweet orange, your beard will smell divine for many hours
  • As it has many butters and beeswax in there it can really shape the beard and keep it in shape,  especially a long one that needs taming
  • It can tackle the problem of dandruff as it moisturises the skin underneath with all those wonderful ingredients in it
  • The balm can add volume to a beard if need be, making it look healthy, happy, and vibrant.

How to Apply Beard Balm to the Beard

Applying the balm to the beard couldn't be more simple.  Just take some in your fingertips (not too much as a little goes a long way) and apply to the beard also trying to get to the skin to keep it moisturised.  Shape the beard as you want it.  That's it.  Your beard will thank you by looking all healthy and shiny and full and vibrant and will smell lovely too!!!

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