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The benefits of Nettle for the Hair

The benefits of Nettle for the Hair

natural shampoo bar with nettle

Nettles contain a load of silica, many other minerals such as selenium, magnesium and zinc, vitamins a, b, e (to mention a few), iron and calcium which may help in the following ways:-

  • give shine to the hair. 
  • contribute to combatting hair loss.
  • promote hair growth.  
  • reduce inflammation 
  • fight off free radicals

An infusion of nettles in your last rinse regularly could result in reducing the afore mentioned problems.  You might have to wait until Spring to get some fresh nettles in woodland areas or quiet car free areas.  But you can also buy dried nettle in health shops so don't wait it out!.

We have among our shampoo bars two varieties that contain nettle.  This nettle, I picked from the garden, left to air dry naturally and then pounded up the leaves and put the herb in to olive oil that eventually goes into the shampoo bar when being made and this olive oil was left in the sun on a window sill for days "brewing".  That way the goodness comes out into the oil and eventually into the shampoo bar

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