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The benefits of jojoba oil for the face

The benefits of jojoba oil for the face

Jojoba oil, while brilliant for oily skin is also really beneficial for all skin types

The benefits of jojoba oil for the face are few and far between. 

  • It is a deeply hydrating oil and as it is lighter than other oils it penetrates very easily into the skin, making it also nourishing and moisturising.
  • It can be used for people suffering from acne as it mimics the sebum that is naturally produced in the skin and which is over-produced by acne suffering people and therefore sends a message to the brain to stop producing more sebum.  (See for more details)
  • It contains anti-oxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that help strengthen the skin barrier protecting it from free radicals

We have jojoba oil in all of our organic facial oil cleansers

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