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The benefits of Beeswax on the Skin

The benefits of Beeswax on the Skin

face cream with vit e and rosehip oilsThe benefits of beeswax on the skin are numerous:-

  • First of all it is a humectant which means it attracts moisture and so keeps the skin from dehydrating
  • It has anti-bacterial properties which protect the skin from harmful bacteria.  It also adds a protective layer to the skin against the elements, such as rain and cold
  • It contains Vit A and therefore can help reconstruct damaged skin and can reduce wrinkles and fine lines and even age spots

Beeswax in Heartworks Skincare Products

We have beeswax in nearly all our skincare products, such as:-

Our lip Balm 

Our Body Butter

Our Hand Cream

Our Face Cream

Our Cream Deodorant

Check these out to see the other fine ingredients included


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