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Only too often are we bombarded with an idea of beauty that we can never possibly achieve.  But beauty is not just these things; the glamour, the wonderful figure, the youthful skin, the shiny hair, the full lips, the curvy hips, the muscle, the masculine beard, the biceps that bulge through the shirt and the cool haircut.  Beauty, a rare thing, is and should be only important to the person, themself, and not the onlookers.  What good is it to be beautiful and not know it or feel it?  How awful is it if everyone thinks you're beautiful and you, yourself, think you're ugly and unworthy?  Why should we aspire to this beauty that advertising throws our way?    The female models in these advertising campaigns are either so thin that it's impossible to attain that measure of "slenderness" or they have the most remarkable faces, without a blemish or wrinkle.  The amount of masking makeup they have on can contribute to this "beauty" in a big way but in general, they are, in fact,  exceptionally beautiful to look at.  Exceptional is the operative word here.  We can't all have the perfect nose, mouth, cheekbones and general facial bone structure to render us beautiful.  In the case of male models, who too have exceptional faces, sometimes have so much muscle that it will become a problem into the future to maintain all this mass.   What do impressionable teenagers think about all this?  What teenage boys and young males, in general, are learning here is that it is desirable to be big, muscular, and strong.  What teenage girls and females, in general, are learning is to be as thin as a whip, to have fantastic eyebrows and long eyelashes, etc.  It might be changing recently and turning on its head where beauty in women now is all about their big behind!!!  So if you don't happen to possess a big backside does that mean you're not part of the beauty brigade?

the beauty that is within

But there's another kind of beauty;  inner beauty,  a beauty which, if acknowledged by its owner, by oneself, will shine through, will leak out of every pore,  will show in every gesture, will strengthen your posture and your pose, will ooze out with your every breath, will break down barriers, will defy the acquired perception of "beauty", will make every onlooker see it and its purity.  It's the kind of beauty that screams out from the soul, it's a quiet beauty in that it is confident and self-assured.  It's never-ending, it's infectious, it's in every atom of your being, it's boundless, it's your expression of yourself.  But you have to know it, feel it, and let it come forth.  In the end, beauty is your knowing yourself and not being afraid to show it off because it is worthy.  Beauty is love, especially love for oneself, and love is beautiful.

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