Teacher's Gift ideas

gift box of 4 soaps

The end of year is here and with it the chore of choosing the ideal gift for your child's teacher and/or classroom assistant.  Even the bus driver should get a present too!  That teacher has been so patient all year and has worked wonders on your child, bringing him or her on through new material, guiding them along the way and getting them ready for next year's curriculum.  There's been a few tears spent.  It was one big slog but a lot of giggles and laughs in among all that hard work made it all bearable. 

Summer is here and you can look forward to not having any homework to do with your child for the coming two months, no more cajoling him or her and bribing to get that maths assignment done.  You can set Irish, English, Geography, History over to the side to make room for fun and games and movies and walks in nature and seaside activities (if the weather permits).

But what to get for the teacher?  Last Christmas it was a candle and you can't give another candle now, can you?  At Heartworks, we have a huge amount of ideas for teacher's gifts and for all budgets.  Whether its a gift for him or for her, there's something to suit, be it a simple gift of just one natural soap in a box or a set of 4 soaps in a box or even a hand cream with a soap in a tray with cellophane wrapping.  Why not have a look at our gift sets of natural skincare?

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