Switching from Commercial to Natural Deodorant

Switching from Commercial to Natural Deodorant

natural cream deodorant

If and when you do decide to switch over to a more natural deodorant you might experience what you call "an allergic reaction" within the first three weeks.  There are many reasons for this.

This "allergic reaction" might be due to the essential oils that your sensitive skin is reacting to.  Remember the skin under the arms is particularly sensitive and thin.  In our deodorants, we confine the essential oil total to 1% which is within the acceptable range according to the European cosmetic safety regulations.  Still, it might be too much for you and your body depending on the essential oil used.  The good news is that we have one without using any essential oil, an unscented cream deodorant

Another reason why you might have adverse reactions to a natural deodorant is that the body will need a period of about 3 weeks to adjust.  When you stop using anti perspirants that you were using for years, at first, a whole new set of bacteria begin to flourish there (YUKKY or maybe not)  It may take 2 to 4 weeks for your armpits to adjust to the change as the new bacterial microbiome finally settles down  In our deodorants, we use bentonite clay which helps to draw out toxins.  This drawing out of toxins might be the cause of some discomfort for a few weeks and then it will go away when the body has adjusted. 

There is no bicarbonate of soda in our deodorant

Many people find bicarbonate of soda an irritant on the skin.  I'm happy to say that we do not use it in our deodorant.

So the conclusion would be to give your new deodorant a chance.  A 3-week period is often enough.  If symptons of rash persist after that, then maybe you have to take a look at the essential oils used


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