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Sweet Almond Oil in Our Soap and Shampoo Bars

Sweet Almond Oil in Our Soap and Shampoo Bars

Besides sweet almond oil in our soap and shampoo bars we have coconut oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, olive oil, kukui nut, avocado oil and jojoba oil.  All of these oils contribute hugely to the condition of the hair and strands but it's sweet almond oil I want to talk about right now.


  • It is an excellent emollient, which will soften the strands of hair and/or the skin
  • It reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks due to its hight content of vitamin E
  • It is soothing to sun burnt skin
  • It can reduce puffiness around the eyes
  • It can help reduce frizz after washing the hair by applying a little bit to the hair ends
  • Rich in vitamin A it is good for acne
  • It has anti-bacterial properties so great for acne
  • it has anti-fungal properties so can be added to the treatment for athlete's foot or ringworm

In our soap and shampoo bars, it contributes to the lovely lather that you get.  Although these are wash off products and therefore don't get all the benefits of the oil used in a cream or balm some of its properties are rubbing in (excuse the pun) and I always suggest, especially in the case of hair, to leave the soap/shampoo on for a couple of minutes to take advantage of the wonderful properties coming from all the natural oils used




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