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Sunflower Oil and Its Skin Benefits

Sunflower Oil and Its Skin Benefits

Ah, the sunflower - the flower that follows the sun throughout its daily life!  Not only is it lovely to look at but it also has many health benefits

It acts as a skin barrier, due to its linoleic acid. therefore keeping out toxins

It is rich in vitamin E, an anti-oxidant protecting the skin from free radicals

It is anti-inflammatory and therefore soothing and calming - good for people with dry skin

It is non-comedogenic - doesn't block the pores and so it can be used for acne sufferers.

It is rich in all vitamins

In short, it is a great oil for the skin and that is why I have added it in my facial oil cleansers.  I always recommend that when using it as a cleanser, to leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off so as to take advantage of its many properties, as stated above.  

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