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Sugar - Bad for your skin

Sugar - Bad for your Skin, Bad for your Body


Sugar gets converted into glucose in the body and this glucose raises your insulin levels and this leads to inflammation which eventually degrades collagen and elastin.  These proteins,  collagen and elastin, were what was keeping you skin together in the first place, giving it structure.  If they degrade too much then the skin begins to sag and be loose and your skin begins to show signs of ageing.  Also inflammation interferes with the skin's healing ability.

Sugar  causes AGEs to begin to form in the body- Advanced Glycation End products.  These are sugar complexes that take a hold of and hang out of protein molecules (elastin and collagen).  What happens then is the elasin and collagen become rigid and can no longer hold up the skin.  AGEs can also cause inflammation which accelerates skin ageing.  Existing skin disorders, such as rosacea or acne , can be made worse by the glycation process.

Cut sugar out, Cut sugar down

If, at all possible we need to cut sugar out of our diet.  It's doing us no favours, just empty calories.  By cutting it out, after about a month you'll notice a difference.  You'll feel better for it and you skin will begin to look perky and bright.  Inflammation will start to reduce and the skin can get on with it's daily healing. 

But if that's too much to ask, then cut sugar down by degrees.    Maybe first of all, cut out sugar in your tea and coffee, then when you've gotten used to that, start omitting cakes and biscuits and chocolate.  Eventually, you should not be eating processed food that has sugar in them and turn your attention to more fresh and wholesome food.  Easier said than done!!

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