Stinging Nettle Plant Food

Stinging Nettle Plant Food

stinging nettle plant food


So how do you make nettle compost for your plants and how come it is a great fertiliser?  Well that's two questions.

1.  Nettle, the stinging kind, can easily be made into a liquid feed for you plants.  With gloves on, you need to pick the nice young nettles, chop them up and put into a bucket.  Hopefully they fill half the bucket when pressed down.  Fill up the bucket with water, leaving some space at the top.  Put a lid on, leave in a sunny part of the garden and wait 3 weeks.  

2.  It's benefits are numerous.  It is full of chlorophyll, nitrogen, iron, potassium, copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and lots of vitamins.  Not only is it good for your body (although I wouldn't recommend you drink this as it smells vile but you can make a tea with nettles and drink) but it's simply a miracle fertiliser for the garden.  

How To Apply Nettle Compost To Your Plants

Upon opening the container with the nettle compost, you might be disgusted with the smell.  It has been rotting inside for three weeks so what did you expect?  Your plants won't hate you for adding this strong vile smelling liquid to the soil, I can promise you that.   When applying to the soil, dilute this mixture with water 1 part nettle compost to 10 parts water, avoid the plant itself when watering.  Alternatively, you can dilute the mix 1:20 and spray on the leaves.  Apply once a week during the summer using about a 10-litre can to 5 metre square

Nettle in Shampoo Bar

I suppose what interests me at all to talk in this blog on the subject of nettles is that I use nettles in my shampoo bars, well in at least one of them.   It's great for the hair as it contains all those wonderful minerals and vitamins mentioned above.  All of these add to the quality of the hair making it healthy and happy.



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