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Spicy Cinnamon & Clove Natural Soap

Handmade Natural Soap, Spicy Cinnamon & Clove 


I was making a batch of 50 spicy cinnamon and clove soaps today and during the process, after I had carefully weighed out my oils and the lye mixture and had waited for them to be at around the same temperature to mix together, suddenly and without warning the mixture reached trace upon pouring in the cinnamon and clove essential oils.  But it went beyond trace and began to harden before I got a chance to pour it into the mould.  So in the end , I was shovelling it in with my spatula and trying to make sure there would be no air pockets left.  Normally, when it's still quite liquidy there are no air pockets.  I will now have to wait until tomorrow or next day when it will be ready for cutting.  I might have to make another batch if it's full of holes.  The joys of making soap!!!



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