Some Herbs That Will Benefit The Skin

Some Herbs That Will Benefit The Skin

Nature is infintely knowledgeable and has given us many herbs to help us with different ailments including ailments of the skin.  I marvel at all ordinary every day weeds/flowers that one sees in the garden, by the river or canal, in the woodlands or along the hedges and in the fields. 

nettle for the skin

One that springs to mind immediately is the nettle.  Who would think that something that stings, when you brush up against it, could have any benefits for the skin.  In fact, it is great for acne sufferers due to its astringent nature and its ability to regulate sebum production.  It can be used in various ways:- by making a tea and using that cooled tea to wash the skin, by drinking that tea you will also get the benefits of it, by infusing the dried nettles in oil and using that oil on the skin.  We have some shampoo bars with nettle in it as it is great for easing of itchy scalp.

calendula for skin

Another common flower found both in the wild and in the garden is the common marigold or calendula.  This flower receives my full admiration and awe.  It is a wonder.  It's anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and it protects the collagen and elastin in the skin.  It's been even known to protect against UV rays but I'm not verifying that here!.

We all know about comfrey and it's ability to heal broken bones.  It is also anti-inflammatory for the treatment of sprains.  It should never be taken internally and never applied to broken skin.

Peppermint also has its place in the skin realm.  It has anti-septick and anti-bacterial properties which are great for the skin and for cleansing it.  It has a cooling effect on the skin when applied and can ease itchiness from rashes or acne.  You can chop up some peppermint leaves (about 2 tablespoons) and soak them in your favourite oil (about 200 g) to apply to the skin.  I would leave this concoction on a windowsill in the sun for two days.  Apply to the area of skin that needs it ie itchy scalp or a rash on the arm.  

chamomile and face cream

Another great flower for the skin and for other digestive ailments is chamomile. I have it growing in the garden at present and I pick off the flower heads on a daily basis.  What do I intend to do with this?  Well I will dry it all in a slow way.  Some of it will go into a jar for teas during the next year when someone has a tummy upset or is a little anxious.  the rest of it will go into an oil, left on the windowsill in a sunny spot for two days at least and then stored in the same jar during the coming months.  The polyphenols and phytochemicals in this flower are great for healing scars and even reducing wrinkles.  It is also good for eczema and rosacea.

In some of my future blogs I will continue with this topic, herbs that benefit the skin.  Why not try locate some of the above mentioned herbs and make a concoction with them as explained above.  Nature is truly savvy!!!


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