5 Basic Things You Need To Know about Skincare

There are 5 basic things you should know when it comes to skincare, skin tips to use another term, and of course, besides these 5 basic things, there's a lot more too to do as well as your daily skincare routine.  For example, do you know that drinking plenty of water is really important for healthy skin?  Or that getting plenty of rest is also vital for overall good skin health?  It baffles me how sometimes young girls come up to me asking my advice about their pimples and they have a bag of chips in their hand.  Yes, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable certainly will improve the quality of your skin along with the other aforementioned points.  Stay away from the greasy food.  It does you, your skin, your body, and your humour no good.  Oh, and another vital piece of information is to get lots of exercise and not to stress out as stress does the skin no favours.  Easier said than done!!!  

plenty of exercise for skincare

So what are the 5 basic things you need to know about skincare?

  • Cleansing is a vital part of you skincare routine.  In fact, you should start by getting a good cleansing oil, rub it in to your face and with a warmish cloth remove the grime.  If this first part was to remove make up, I would suggest that you need to repeat this process again, this time leaving it on for a couple of minutes and then wiping off.  You could use a little face soap for this but rinse off thoroughly.  Make sure the cloth is not too hot.  We don't want to burn ourselves in the process!!!
  • After the cleansing comes the moisturising cream.  Use a good quality moisturiser, take some and gently massage your face while rubbing it in.  This massage can be with circular movements of the fingertips on the skin, always going from the nose to the temples, always with upward movements.  Take the opportunity to moisturise the neck too with upward sweeps of the hand. You could use one of those crystal face rollers if you like
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    crystal face roller
  • Once this step has been taken, sit down with a cup of some green tea, chamomile tea or even just hot water and sip slowly and calmly.  This quiet "me" time is really important, I think and should be done once a day and why not after having put on your moisturiser.  This ability to relax can really benefit your skin
  • Once a week (and no more than that) you should put on a face mask to do a deeper clean.  I would recommend some clay face mask treatment
  • At the end of the day, there's nothing like a good night's sleep to help the body repaid itself including the largest organ in the body.  What is the largest organ in the body?  Yes, it's your skin.  Don't forget that.  It needs rest and that happens during sleep.

I did say in the beginning that we were going to talk about 5 BASIC things to help with  your skincare and now you have it whether you agree with me or not.  If you need  recommendations here's a facial oil cleanser and here's a moisturising night  face cream that we have formulated and make with love and attention.

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