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Shampoo Bars that Really Clean the Hair and Scalp

Shampoo Bars that Really Clean the Hair and Scalp

Shampoo bars that clean the hair and scalp

These shampoo bars really do clean your hair and scalp as well as moisturising and softening.  Alot of this is due to the castor oil content in the shampoo bar.  Imagine castor oil, it's thick consistency and how it can take all the dirt away with it.  Here in this family home, we only use shampoo bars made by us.  We find the result very pleasing in that the hair and the scalp feel really squeaky clean and also the hair feels soft  and moisturised.  


Castor oil is a great oil for cleansing, so much so, we are now developing a facial oil cleanser with castor oil in it.  We'll keep you posted!  There's nothing like oil to help remove dirt and other oils trapped in the skin or hair.  With such a high quantity of castor oil in our shampoo bars, the result is a nice creamy lather.  This lather, I maintain, should be left for about 2 minutes in the hair and then rinsed thoroughly and allow it to carry off all the dirt and oiliness accumulated since the last hair wash.  It's that simple.

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