Shampoo Bar - Kind to your Hair, Kind to the Environment

Shampoo Bar - Kind to your Hair, Kind to the Environment


Shampoo bars are really coming into fashion these days.  They're not only kind to your hair but also to the environment with no plastic involved.  

Have you ever looked at some of those documentaries about all the plastic floating in the sea.  It's quite sickening and disheartening to look at.  Zero waste is the answer.  Don't buy the plastic bottles in the first place.  There's no guarantee that they get recycled even if they say so.

shampoo bar zero waste

Our shampoo bars come in a cardboard box that can be recycled easily.  The soap/shampoo is left in the shower on a soap dish or a sisal bag to be used at will.  When it's finished it's finished.  You can use it right to the end and there's no trace left.

People with natural hair (that don't uses dye chemicals in their hair) tend to love the way the bar cleans, moisturises and softens the hair.  Everyone in my family; my two sons and partner, as well as myself, use only shampoo bars and we all can't say enough about how effective it is and also how handy it is.  No bottles in our bathroom!!  And when we go off on a wee holiday, we just throw the bar into our washbag.  When dealing with airports and their security, a shampoo bar is not considered liquid so no problem there either

Switch to shampoo bars today.  It's a win win situation!!



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