Shampoo Bar Common Questions

Shampoo Bar Common Questions

Here are a number of common questions asked of us by customers wanting to find out more about their shampoo bar

natural shampoo bar

Do shampoo bars lather?

Yes, they do.  They mightn't lather as much as a commercially bought shampoo in bottle, with all its artificial chemicals to create that lather, but our bars have a lovely gentle creamy lather due to the castor, coconut, jojoba and other wonderful oils in it.  If the water in your home is hard, this might affect the lathering ability of the bar.  But same applies to regular bottle liquid shampoo


Why does the shampoo bar leave a residue?

Well this does not happen in all cases.  It's due to the saponified oils in the soap.  This can be rectified by using a last rinse of half water and half apple cider vinegar.  I suggest a  litre  bottle with holes in the lid and sprinkly on the hair as last rinse.

How can one apply the shampoo bar to the hair?

Very easily done.  Take the shampoo bar and rub it into several areas in the head until you feel you have enough of a lather going on.  If the hair is very dirty It might need a second wash in order to achieve this lather.  

How long should one leave the shampoo lather on the hair?

As long as possible.  There are really good oils in the shampoo bar that are beneficial to the hair strands and the scalp so leaving it on for quite some time increases the benefits

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