Sauna and your Skin and Body

Sauna and your Skin and Body

The benefits for your skin of taking a regular sauna are numerous, and not only for your skin but for your general body health.

Sauna for your skin and body

The benefits of a sauna on the body

I've recently started up gong to the sauna after an absence of over a year and a half.  This was due to covid and the fact that leisure centres were closed the length and breadth of the country.  Before that, to help me with the awful symptoms of Lyme disease, I was going practically every day.  It really helped my joints and I would swear that it helped my overall ability to get rid of the bacteria, borrelia, which had invaded my body.  My belief was, and still is, that the bacteria hide in your skin and when you go into the sauna, they can't stand the heat and run for cover and , in doing so, expose themselves to your immune defense system and mechanisms.  They come out into the open and from hiding and become vulnerable.  Whether or not this is true, I still stick doggedly to my belief that it helped rid me of this bacteria.

It warms you up, especially, in the winter time making you feel good.  Anything that makes you feel good must be good, right?  But it also makes you drink lots of water as you lose a lot of liquids in the sauna, and it helps your lymph system as you go from very hot  inside the sauna to that bucket of cold water and cold shower afterwards.  

The benefits of the sauna on the skin

Because you sweat a lot, due to the heat, this stimulates the sabaceous glands, which, in turn, keep your skin moisturised,

This same sweating helps to rid your pores of toxins.  Less dirts in the pores means smoother skin

The heat increases blood flow so more circulation means more nutrients getting to the skin.


I think it is important though to have a cold shower immediately after the sauna.  This closes back the pores, it gets the lymph system working beautifully and keeps the heat in so you can enjoy it for the rest of the day.

Personally, I think that a sauna is like a workout without a workout.  The heat really increase your heart rate and gets the circulation moving and therefore regulates your breathing.  I simply can't say enough about it.  Go try for yourself!!


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