Our natural soaps are all handmade and handcut in small batches

That's my hands cutting the natural handmade soaps into rectangular 3.25 inches by 2.5 inches by 1 inch.  So each piece gets three cuts.  It's no joke when you have 100 of them to do.  I usually make 2 batches of 50 soaps in one go.  They are left then for 5/6 weeks to dry cure and then packed in their boxes.  The finished product is a nice presentable box of soap

The above is just one of 12 soaps that we have.  Go to Handmade Natural Soap for more info.

A closer look shows you the cutting machine.  Mauricio made it for me using recycled materials including the handle of an old saw.  Apologies in advance for not having a photo that shows the whole machine.  


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