Our Natural Skincare at the Tullamore Show

The Tullamore Show is a yearly event which takes place on the 2nd Sunday of August.  This year the Tullamore Show will fall on Sunday 13th.  Heartworks will be there with our Natural Skincare range


The Experience Offaly Pavilion at The Tullamore Show

We'll be, where we always are, in the Experience Offaly Pavilion which will showcase all that Offaly has to offer; crafts, tourism and food.  There will be music as well.  It really is a lovely set up there with everyone very enthusiastic about what lies behind the face of Offaly.  You'll be surprised that there are so many talented craftspeople, so many interesting innovative micro to medium companies and what there is to do in Offaly.


Offaly isn't Just About Jumping Into Bog Holes

My mother put the fear of God into us when little about bog holes.  As children, we didn't dare go near the bog area which was only a field or two away from our house.  There was an unspoken barrier there not to be crossed.  

Although the bog is truly beautiful, an amazing place,  and there's plenty of it in Offaly, it's not the only place to visit.  Come to the Experience Offaly Pavilion and find out for yourself.


Whiskey Barrels

Last year, in the Experience Offaly Pavilion, there was a great big lad, who disassembled whiskey barrels a few times during the day only to erect them again.  I must say, it was a rather noisy affair.  But he certainly got enough attention

Anyway, we do hope to see you all there.  We'll be there with our natural skincare and our slate home and garden wares.

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