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Night Face Cream for All Skin Types

Night Face Cream for All Skin Types

We have 6 night face creams to chose from but it's the night face creams for all skin types that are in this photo.  Some people have a duality going on in the skin on their faces.  The area around the nose can be very dry and the forehead can be oily or the other way around.  These creams are ideal for both types.  In one, the aloe butter is very moisturising but it also is very calming for sensitive skin plus the patchouli essential oil is great for oily skin and the grapefruit essential oil too.  In the other, the argan oil is great for assisting to regulate the sebum production and the evening primrose is super for sensitive skin and soothing for rashes.  The lavender and patchouli essential oils both benefit oily and dry skin and have a certain amount of healing properties.

So, applying these creams on a nightly basis can really benefit both the oily and dry patches on your face


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