Nice Suds To Our Handmade Natural Irish Soap

A soap with a nice sudsy effect is something to desire and at Heartworks we believe our handmade natural soap acquires this.  It's because of the quality ingredients; the natural oils and essential oils that we get this sudsy feel.  Olive oil and coconut oil are especially valuable for getting up the nice suds.

natural Irish handmade soap

A picture doesn't do it justice either because smelling our natural handmade Irish soaps is a must.  With just the right amount of essential oils in each bar, the fragrance emanating from the soap is divine.

There's nothing quite like a natural handmade soap to clean your hands.  The soap, itself, attracts dirt to it (this is all very scientific) and then the rinsing water carries it all away leaving your hands super clean.  What a lovely feeling to have clean hands after they've been mooching around in the dirt and soil in the garden!  All you gardeners out there will know what I'm on about!

natural handmade Irish soap rinsing

A nail brush goes a long way too to cleaning those hands to perfection.  All the dirt that accumulates behind the nail is difficult to get out without a brush.  

So next time you're coming back in from the garden, grab your natural handmade Irish soap and nail brush and get those hands in pristine shape again.  A nice natural and healing calendula and beeswax hand cream will finish off the ritual and leave your hands feeling moisturised, clean and soft

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