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Nice Clean Shave

A Nice Clean Shaving Soap

A Nice Clean Shave

I can't guarantee that you will have a nice clean shave.  That all depends on the razor you use and the steadiness of your hands.  But our shaving soap, sure does help make the process a lot easier.  The soap gives off a nice creamy lather and it's all natural so won't dry out your skin.  It moisturises your skinas a result of all those lovely oils in the soap: coconut, sweet almond, shea butter, castor oil, apricot kernel oil, olive oil and jojoba oil.  We have three varieities to chose from: Tea tree & Lemon, Cedarwood & Bergamot and rosemary and nettle.  You'll feel clean and well shaven afterwards (that's if you don't cut yourself!!)  


They come in a tin which can be recycled afterwards if you don't reuse it.  We are committed to zero waste and single use products and to that end we offer the opportunity to buy the shaving soap without the tin at a cheaper rate.  See it at Shaving Soaps!

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