Naturally sourced colouring in our handmade soap

All our soaps have natural ingredients in them.  For the scent we use only essential oils and the additives, such as oatmeal and honey, calendula petals or poppy seeds give an interesting aspect to the soap.  Sometimes, it's the essential oil that alters the colour as in the case of lemongrass which gives a lovely yellowish/orange tone to the soap

natural cold processed soap lavender & frankincense

This one is lavender and frankincense delight.  It has spirulina in it which gives that greenish look.  I swirled the spirulina into the soap as I was making it.

Handmade Natural Soap Citronella & Pine with Peat


And this one is citronella and pine with peat.  The darkish look is coming from the peat which comes from around the bogs of the midlands

Handmade natural soap cinnamon & clove with spices

Spices from the kitchen give this soap a lovely warm tannish colour.  Every time I make this soap it comes out differently because I use whatever I find on the kitchen shelf.  Now I'm really into Indian cooking so I've lots of spices to chose from.  

I tried once to use rose petals in my soap and, to my dismay, it came out a horrible blackened mess so never again.  Some ingredients are just not suitable for cold processed soap

natural shampoo bar lavender and nettle

This shampoo bar has nettle in it.  At the mixing stage, I add olive oil to the soap that has had nettle soaking in it for a few months.  I throw nettle along with the oil into the mix. 

Besides that I have palma rosa and patchouli natural soap and I add to the mix some rose clay and it gives the soap a lovely pinkish colour.

The main thing, though, is that our soaps and shampoo bars are all natural with no artificial colouring or fragrance and so are very kind to your skin, even sensitive skin types


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