Natural User-Friendly Cream Deodorant

You will use natural cream deodorant to keep your armpits dry and smelling nice at all times.  It will not stop you from sweating but rather will absorb unwanted sweat and odours.  At Heartworks Skincare we are passionate about nice smelling, good quality skincare and that goes for our cream deodorant as well.  We have done extensive research into what makes a good cream deodorant and what doesn't and would like to share this information with you.  

The fear of body odour on ourselves is something we've all experienced.  We really want to smell nice and certainly don't want to smell bad.  A nice smelling cream deodorant can give us that confidence.  Heartworks' cream deodorant comes in 6 different fragrances and each one nicer than the last:- cedarwood & bergamot, lavender, lemony (with both lemon and lemongrass essential oil), sweet minty (sweet orange, peppermint, and vanilla), tea tree & lemon, ylang ylang & grapefruit.  Take your pick!!  Which fragrance appeals to you?  They are all natural deriving from essential oils

A little goes a long way.  Our tins carry 100g of cream deodorant.  Each time you use it, you only need a pea size for both armpits so it will last a long time and therefore is good value and affordable.  

As mentioned before, you only need a pea size for both armpits.  The ingredients in it; cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, arrowroot and bentonite clay (not too much of it), are quite hard and will not stain your clothes especially if you stick to the quantity suggested and expose your armpits to the air for 30 seconds immediately after applying it.   Reapply if needed after a few hours depending on your activities.

It is very easy to apply although it is not a spray.  You take a pea size portion (use the palette we provide), and rub it between your fingertips and the palm of the other hand.  This will melt it and then you apply it with the same fingertips on the opposite armpit and the same palm on its opposite armpit.  Leave the arms up in the air for 30 seconds to allow it to dry and soak in.  And that's it.  So simple to use!  

As our cream deodorant doesn't have bicarbonate of soda, it is very gentle on your underarm.  The cocoa butter and shea butter are very moisturising.  The beeswax protects your skin, the essential oils are only about 1% of the overall ingredients so won't burn you.  It is very safe to use and especially in that area so close to the lymphatic system.  

In conclusion, our cream deodorant is very natural, without any chemicals or parabens in there.  It is gentle on your underarm and very safe to use.  We have wonderful fragrances for you to chose from so there's one to suit everyone and their taste.  For more information why not go over to see our natural cream deodorant


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